Michelle St. Pierre

Beloved Friend, Mother, Teacher, Healer, Lover, Being.

Michelle St. Pierre. Photo by Melissa Moore

Michelle St. Pierre. Photo by Melissa Moore

Michelle St. Pierre founded deerheart sanctuary in 2004.

She passed in 2014 and is deeply missed by all those whose lives she touched. 

The love Michelle shared and pointed towards in all of her teachings will always be the heart of this sanctuary. 

Michelle began cultivating a meditation practice beginning in the late 80’s. She began by practicing Zen. Creating Deerheart Sanctuary signified her commitment to her own practice as well as an offering of the container of silence to others. Michelle was not affiliated with a specific tradition and was always attracted by those teachers who have stepped beyond tradition and into authenticity: Buddha and Jesus would be two historical examples. Michelle deeply appreciated the guidance of both Toni Packer and Adyashanti.

“When I arrived on Hornby Island from Toronto I was entranced by the awe inspiring natural beauty of this wondrous place. I was moved to hear locals speak of their families, their land, their gardens, the rains, the ocean, and all of the elements with deep knowingness, love, and respect. Earth and spirit were acknowledged on this island and the feminine and masculine polarities echoed the potential of unity. The stereotypes and old conditioning began falling away and I was humbled and somewhat nervous about my decision to move to Hornby. I knew that my facade, the fictitious self would be exposed. It was and continues to be.

Deerheart Sanctuary continues to foster this journey into the truth of who we really are through silent meditation retreats. Surrounded by fern filled forests and the mantra of rushing water we can drop our defenses. Nature does not judge us. Moving beyond the world of mental constructs and strategies we let go of our point of view and enter the heartland. I feel the Spirit of Hornby Island encourages us to move beyond our well crafted identity and into the essence of our being.” –Michelle St. Pierre

We love you Michelle and are so grateful for all that you shared and showed us.


Kira Anderson

Caretaker and director of Deerheart Sanctuary


Kira’s deep love and devotion to deerheart have only continued to deepen since the moment she was welcomed into it. The aliveness of the forest and sweet stillness of the yurt have stolen her heart and made themselves her home. Being invited into this space and meeting Michelle was one of the biggest blessings of her life. Michelle’s love and guidance helped her start her journey of letting all the ways she has kept her from herself fall away and continually sink deeper into the truth of her being.

Kira feels so honored to express her gratitude through her devotion to Deerheart, to Michelle and to the love and sacred that Michelle pointed her towards. Getting to serve in this way and be filled with such love has been the most meaningful journey of her life.

Before Michelle passed she asked Kira to care for Deerheart and continue holding the space for people to sink into its loving hold. Kira is deeply honoured and humbled to accept this blessing. The fears that come with such responsibility at such a young age are offering themselves as a playing ground for her to continue her inquiries into what she truly is.