Counselling with kira

In September 2018, Kira graduates with her Master's Degree in Depth Psychology with a focus on Jungian Analysis. Her passion is offering counselling sessions focused on tending soul. Book a session or two during your stay at Deerheart to deepen in you meditative practice, reconnect with your vitality, soul purpose and healing. Book your appointment by emailing deerheartsanctuary@gmail.com

Kira offers in-person or Skype sessions.

$70 for an hour and a half session   

"I didn't know what to expect with my first session but it turned out to be insightful and very motivating. Kira focused on what made me excited about life, and her feedback and direction was amazingly on point. I highly recommend her services if you are feeling stuck or need guidance. In just one session so many doors opened up for me. I wish I had known services like this were around sooner."  -Liz, Washington

"My appointment with Kira was great! She really is very helpful and skilled. The methods we worked on in therapy are empowering. After meeting with Kira I am using the methods on my own and they are helping me. I am excited to continue using the resources she has shared with me. I highly recommend Kira." -Nancy, New York


Thai Massage with Tara

Thai Yoga Massage ~ As I have been
taught is also known as Nuad Bo Rarn
is an ancient form of bodywork and
healing therapy that combines Chinese
acupressure, assisted yoga postures,
Ayurveda principles and energy
balancing. This practice is deeply
intertwined with the offering of Metta,
the Buddhist practice of directing
loving kindness to the recipient, and
may be the reason why some are
touched so deeply by this form of
massage. Thai massage's intent is to
free trapped energy, stimulate the
natural flow of life-force and help you
to maintina balance and wellness. Each
session is done fully clothed on a
comfortable mat. To book a session, or
for more information contact Tara.
250-327-6383 / tara@tarayogaandwellness.com / www.tarayogaandwellness.com