Step into the forest.

Join the quiet.

The stillness of the creek flowing and silence of leaves rustling.

Stay in the Deerheart Caravan in the contemplative embrace of winter and its solitude. Retreats are self-guided, however assistance coming up with a retreat schedule tailored to you is available upon request. Optional sound-healing, counselling or massage sessions can be included to help deepen your healing stay.

Please see Deerheart Caravan and Availability Calendar to book your winter retreat now 



My Secret Is Silence

The waves of mind
demand so much of Silence.
But She does not talk back
does not give answers nor arguments.
She is the hidden author of every thought
every feeling
every moment. Silence. She speaks only one word.
And that word is this very existence.
No name you give Her
touches Her
captures Her.
No understanding
can embrace Her. Mind throws itself at Silence
demanding to be let in.

But no mind can enter into

Her radiant darkness
Her pure and smiling
nothingness. The mind hurls itself
into sacred questions.
But Silence remains
unmoved by the tantrums.
She asks only for nothing. Nothing. But you won’t give it to Her
because it is the last coin
in your pocket.
And you would rather
give her your demands than
your sacred and empty hands.